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Here are some of my favorite Bible study tools and informational websites, in alphabetical order. I do not endorse every word written on each site, in fact some I vehemently disagree with (specifically any that teach that God's annual Sabbaths are no longer valid). You should always pray for discernment when studying Scripture, and be like the Bereans, searching out to see if what you read is true.


www.119ministries.org - A good source of free study information and a resource for finding like-minded believers

www.beastwatchnews.com - A daily compilation of links to news that relates to Bible prophecy

www.biblicalholidays.com - Learn more about God's holy days from a Christian perspective

www.billcloud.org - Bill Cloud is a Hebraic roots Bible teacher who has many good messages

www.blueletterbible.org - Access online Bible study aids

www.clearbibleanswers.org/the-challenge?showall=1 - refuting the "lunar Sabbath" theory

http://www.endtimesprophecy.com - I highly recommend you watch Tom Stapleton's video studies on the books of Daniel and Revelation

www.e-sword.net - A free, comprehensive Bible study program, with built in concordances, lexicons, etc.

http://heavennet.net/writings/100-indisputable-proof-verses/ - A 14-part study refuting the false "Trinity Doctrine" of the Catholic church. This page has 100 verses that disprove that God is three-in-one.

www.hebrew4christians.com - A starting point for learning the Hebrew language.

www.hebrewworld.com - The best source I've found for learning Hebrew (after you have already learned the 22 letters of the aleph-bet) is the "Phonetic Hebrew English Bible" available on CD-ROM from this site. It will show the Old Testament in Hebrew letters, then a transliteration (spelling out the pronunciation of the Hebrew words using the English alphabet), then a translation (the Hebrew words translated into English).

www.hebroots.com - A wealth of information, and access to many of the top teachers in the Hebraic Roots movement. Eddie Chumney, Brad Scott, Rico Cortes, Bill Cloud, and others

www.hishallowedname.com - Keith Johnson teaches about the names of YHVH in Hebrew, including a very deep study of Hebraic linguistics, and Biblical evidence that YHVH is meant to be proclaimed, not disguised as  G-d or Hashem or Adonai or any of the other variants you may see in tradition. The book provides studious grammatical evidence that the correct pronunciation of YHVH would be "YeHoVah" with the emphasis on the final syllable.

www.karaite-korner.org - Keep up with God's calendar. Nehemia Gordon, Hebrew scholar. One of my favorite resources for the Hebrew language.

www.passionfortruth.org - Jim Staley has a ton of wonderful videos on his site. His "Truth or Tradition" is a great place for people new to the Hebraic roots of Christianity. There are also many wonderful articles, so I was humbled when they choose to include some of my articles on their site.

www.aroodawakening.tv - Live broadcast every Friday night and often on the holy days. Michael Rood routinely brings some fabulous teachers together, such as Keith Johnson, Nehemia Gordon, Paul Nison, and others. There are many free videos on his site with a wealth of information.

www.strawberrymeadowassociation.com - Learn how Islam fits into Bible prophecy, and how to reach out to the 22% of the world that does not know our Saviour. (See the section called "Children of the East" for starters.) Stephen Dickie is the author and speaker who is bringing Yahshua to Muslims. (Seventh-day Adventist background)

www.thinkredink.com - Don Harris has a number of excellent videos and other resources on his site. I especially like the "Parable Paradox" teaching, so you might want to start with it.

www.wildbranch.org - Learn about the true meanings of texts using Hebrew understandings, brought to you by Brad Scott

www.wisdomintorah.com - Rico Cortes is a great teacher, especially in teaching us the proper way to approach YHVH in prayer

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