Finding the Way

Posted in Prayer

Recently, upon sharing with a dear friend that I longed for a deeper prayer life, she highly recommended a series of books that she felt has helped transform her prayer life and her view of how prayer operates, and she believed that it made a huge difference in her life. Based on knowing how the prayers of her heart had recently been answered beyond her wildest imaginations, I decided I would read the books as well. After reading the introduction, I was a bit concerned, as it seemed like it was trying to blend new age with religion. Having come out of the new age deception prior to my baptism in 1996, I prayed diligently to the best of my ability, and as I prepared for bed that evening, I asked God to give me a dream, to show me what path I should be taking to develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life with Him.

The next morning, I woke with a dream vividly in my mind. My extended family was out of town, and we were staying in a very unusual hotel. It was really a series of cottages and duplexes that was laid out in a very confusing pattern. To compound the confusion, the room numbers were not in any order, so that room 136 might be next to room 213, and room 137 could be across the complex next to room 496. My cousin Jon had booked the rooms, and when I arrived, he showed me where my room was. We all left to partake in various activities, and that evening, when it was time for me to go to my room, I couldn’t find it. I looked, and looked, and wandered to and fro, but could not find my room. I went to the hotel office, and one of the employees was going to help lead me to my room, but after wandering around for quite awhile, it became apparent that she couldn’t find it either. She went to get the help of another hotel employee. After much more wandering what seemed like every nook and cranny, he also had to admit that he couldn’t find it. The two of them became convinced that it was on a different property operated by the same hotel chain. I was sure it was supposed to be where we were, because Jon had shown me the way, but they insisted, so we took a van to the other property about a half mile away. There we found a room with my number, but my key didn’t fit, and another guest was already booked into that room. I knew it was at the first location, because Jon had shown me, so we went back. By this time, I was getting frustrated. I kept telling them that Jon knew where it was, Jon knew how to find it, Jon had shown me the way.

The moment I woke, I immediately sensed the relevance of my dream to the question I had asked God the night before. My cousin “Jon” stood for the gospel writer “John”, although I really sensed that he stood for all of the gospels, and really all of Scripture, not just the Gospel of John. I was sure that God was telling me that everything I needed to know to truly have the prayer life that I desire was laid out for me in Scripture. Although on my own in this confusing world, I might occasionally lose my way, other people are not able to lead me there, and in fact, through their error, no matter how sincere, they may actually lead me farther away from where I know I should be.

This experience was very special to me for several reasons. First of all, it reminded me that God does hear my prayers, and does answer them in ways that I can understand. It also reminded me of something else I already knew: that I already have access to all of the answers that he provides, and as long as I keep His Word, the Bread of Life, close to my heart, I will not be led astray.

That evening, I began to read the Gospel of John with fresh eyes. Even if someone only gets through the first dozen verses, they will see that Yahshua lighteth every man (verse 9), and that those who believe on his name are given the power to become the sons of Yahweh (verse 12). Personally, I have claimed those promises for myself, and hope that you will do the same. If you haven’t read the Gospel of John lately, I hope that you will. Because if it will lead me to where I want to be, I know it will do the same for you.