The Messiah’s True Name

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The name of the Messiah, Son of the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is often debated within Hebrew Roots circles.  Clearly the Hebrew Messiah had a Hebrew name, which most Hebrew scholars believe properly transliterates into English as Yeshua.

Some of the more insistent Hebraic believers say awful things about “Jesus” and insist that if you worship under that name, that you are worshipping satan himself. Sadly, many of their statements are not made with love, and would seem like blasphemy and would anger or confuse the very people they claim they are trying to educate. Those who know to do good, and do it not, to them it is sin (James 4:7), so if you know his true name, I fully suggest you use it. But does that mean that anyone who speaks the name “Jesus” in ignorance is automatically worshipping a false god?

I would answer an emphatic “no” to that question, and here is what happened to me that enables me to make such a statement.

Back in the thick of my new age days, probably around 1987 or so, when I was continually seeking to become “more enlightened”, I decided to try my hand at a technique I had read about in a metaphysical book, called “automatic writing”. This is a technique where you take pen to paper, and just allow your hand to move without consciously controlling what it says. Apparently whole books have been written in this manner, probably dictated by evil spirits. But I thought this was a method that might bring me some valuable information from beyond the veil, so I wanted to give it a try.

I found a nice, quiet environment, took my pen and paper, and started moving my hands in random circular type motions when I did in fact begin to experience automatic writing that was not coming from me. I knew conclusively it was not from me, because the word that was as clear as day on that paper was the last word I would have chosen to write myself. In fact, I threw away the paper in a total rejection of the concept, and I never tried automatic writing again.

What, you might ask, was the offending word that my hand was guided by an unseen hand to write? Jesus. The very Jesus who I believed at that time was an enlightened being unworthy of worship, who at best was trying to teach people how to be enlightened like him, something I thought we could all attain. You know, just like satan’s second lie, “you shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5). Given my opinion of him as basically no different than you and me except that he was ahead of us to varying degrees in our quest for enlightenment, and given my disdain for people who worshipped him (they were stupid, I was sure), I rejected with some disgust that his name had appeared on my paper.

Thankfully, although it took another ten years or so, I did indeed come to recognize that Jesus Christ is the one and only Messiah, Saviour of the world, and I’m happy that I now bend my knee to worship him. The only reason I share this story is to show that Yeshua will indeed come to people under the only name by which they know him at the time, even if that isn't his Hebrew name.

Back in the late 80’s I had never heard of Yeshua, there was no internet to search an unknown term like that, and had it appeared on my paper, I wouldn’t have had a clue what it meant. I might have even thought it meant nothing other than gibberish and forgotten all about it. Although I was not ready to accept it at that time, He revealed himself to me under the only name I knew for him, and in a memorable way.

So while those of us who know his name is Yeshua are correct to call him by that name, and there is nothing wrong with lovingly (repeat, lovingly) teaching people his correct name, I believe with all my heart that he will hear anyone who calls upon him by the only name they’ve ever heard him called: Jesus. I can say this with assurance because he personally came to me under that name, and I’m more grateful than words can express that he continued to seek me out until I was finally ready to hear his voice.

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