When God and Man Disagree

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In two separate conversations with friends in the last couple of weeks, the topic of homosexuality has come up. You can hardly turn on the news without getting a story about gay marriage, stories like the Penn State or Catholic church abuses, or situations like the Jane Pitt or Chick-fil-A brouhahas. Clearly this is an issue that is getting more and more press, lots of attention, and has passions roused on both sides. But this article isn’t about homosexuality. Instead, it is analyzing comments that both of these people have made; comments along the line that “I believe that God loves everybody” or “I don’t think God will condemn someone who was born that way”, etc. In other words, the Bible is wrong in the assertion that homosexuality is an abomination.

Obviously, they don’t believe the Bible, and they are attributing their thoughts to God, believing that God rules the universe in accordance with their belief system. Let’s follow these premises further. Since they don’t argue that there is a God, this isn’t about whether or not God exists. Instead, it is about what God thinks, how he judges man’s behaviors, and whether or not he has the right to determine for himself and all of mankind what is good and what is evil.

Since these beliefs discount Scripture, the being they call god is clearly not YHVH, the God of the Bible. So if YHVH is not God, and this other god of theirs is truly the creator and sustainer of this universe, where are his Scriptures? How does he reveal himself to man? Why hasn’t he done anything to eradicate (in the blink of an eye) the Bible, since indeed it makes claims that a being other than himself is the one true God? If he really is God, then how can he be constrained by the mind of man? Is their god a limited, self-oriented, mortal, sinful, made-of-dust being subject to the ideas of man? Or does each individual human being have their own god, and their god rules the universe based on that human’s ideas and morals and beliefs, in this case, that what is right for one person might not be right for another, and that in their world, consenting adults can do as they please with impunity. But in Jerry Sandusky’s world sexual abuse of young boys by adult men is fine, so to his god, you don’t have to be consenting adults. No, my two friends draw the line there. But how can these different gods (theirs and Sandusky’s) disagree? Are there lots of gods? Billions, one for each human?

What is the concept of a “god” anyway? Isn’t it an all-encompassing, all-knowing, power that is above all other powers in the universe? Isn’t that by definition limited to one, and one only?

It seems that what these people really believe, even though they don’t realize it, is that their own highest sense of morals and beliefs is God. What that really means is, they are worshipping themselves! They are worshipping the imaginary “god as you understand him” of the twelve step programs. Foolish man! How can a real God be restricted by the understanding of man?

If God is really God, then doesn’t HE get to say what is good, and what is evil, what is righteous, and what is an abomination, whether or not we agree? And wouldn’t he, as God, be automatically correct in those determinations? How could he really be God if he has to have man’s approval of his policies and pronouncements? Is it man’s position to question God’s wisdom, even when we don’t understand it?

If God is really God, then isn’t it a given that he is smarter than man? Isn’t it not only possible, but probable, that he has reasons for his positions that man might not be capable of understanding? From his higher vantage point, he might see something we don’t? Isn’t it certain that he is not limited by man’s beliefs?

It’s time that humans stop pretending that they are God, and instead bend their knees to the One True God, Yehovah, King and Creator of the Universe. The only other option: go create your own universe, where you can then rule it by any beliefs you want. Can’t do that? As long as you are on YHVH’s earth, you might as well recognize that He is God, and you aren’t. Or prepare yourself for the consequences of His judgment.