Leviticus 23 Adjectives

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In studying the feasts, Sabbaths, appointed times, and holy convocations laid out in Leviticus 23, I decided to make a graph of the adjectives applied to each individual day to help me sort out the special terms applied to each individual day. Bear in mind that this graph is only on Leviticus 23, so these days may have other adjectives applied to them in other sections of Scripture.

Going down the left side of the graph, you will find the terminology that is applied to the days which are written across the top of the graph. The numbers refer to the verse number in Levicitus 23 where the term is used. So, for example, you will see that the term "moedim" (Hebrew word #4150, commonly translated as feasts or seasons or appointed times), appears in verses 2 (twice), 4 (twice), 37, and 44, when speaking of all of the days collectively, but it is never applied to any individual day.

The seventh-day sabbath is called a Sabbath (H7676) twice in verse three, a Sabbaton (7677), and a holy convocation (H6944, H4744 - chodesh mikra). The only other day called a Sabbath (7676) is the Day of Atonement. Sabbaton is used for the seventh day Sabbath and the fall feasts, but none of the spring feasts.

The Passover and the 7th day of Tabernacles, other than collectively with all of the moedim in verses 2, 4, 37,  and 44, have none of these terms applied to them individually.

The first day of Unleavened Bread is called a feast (chag, H2272) in verse 6, and a holy convocation in verse 7, but none of the other terms are applied to it individually.

Hopefully that is enough of an explanation of the layout of the chart that you can determine the rest on your own, and that perhaps this effort will be a blessing to somebody somewhere. May you be blessed in your studies. (NOTE: If your browser is blocking the far right column, it is the Eighth Great Day after Tabernacles, which is called a Sabbaton in verse 39.) You may download the chart on a PDF file by clicking here.

Adjective All 7th Day Sabbath Passover 1 UB Firstfruits 2 UB Shavuot Trumpets Atonement 1Tab 7Tab 8th Day

Feasts 4150


2, 2, 4, 4, 37, 44                      



  3, 3     10, 11, 15 (morrow after 7676)   

16 -

(morrow after 7676)
  32, 32      



  3           24 32 39   39
Holy 6944 Chodesh 2, 4, 37 3   7   8 21 24 27 35, 36    


4744 Mikra

2, 4, 37 3   7   8 21 24 27 35, 36    
Statute kukaw 2708         14   21   31 41    
Forever olam 5769         14   21   31 41    
Sol asmbly 6116 astara                   36    

Feast 2282


      6           34, 39, 41